Opticash adopts Gnosis Safe multi-signature wallet decentralisation for its smart contracts

2 min readMar 4, 2023

OPTICASH is an all-in-one platform that simplifies money remittance across the world using crypto and blockchain technology. You can trade, invest, chat and transfer fiat to crypto and vice versa very conveniently.

$OPCH token is the native currency for OPTICASH ecosystem build on Ethereum blockchain and will be available to users initially via an IDO/IEO and later on several DEX and CEX.

In line with our vision of being a fully active Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), we have transferred the OPCH contract and all its distribution Buckets ownership rights to a Multi-signature wallet from Gnosis Safe.

Below are our smart contract and Gnosis-Safe wallet details on Ethereum Chain.

Token Name : OPTICASH

Symbol : OPCH

Token : 0x4d4d883f920f7c0c36a1be71a02aa0cde2aa22d1

Marketing Bucket : 0x9c659cbe21a97124f07dfa8dd702ec78ac4c73e9

Team Bucket : 0x56e85C9D135e2095C97146ba825f981E147AaEe7

Strategic Bucket : 0xbf84477030A2193d48A405F8a055b2d43f9F62de

Community Bucket : 0x7eb66758F23886d35221593bCfE846577dbe5aAf

Liquidity Bucket : 0xa6cc8eeb1c21e30d16fef61eff30db52928ab55c

Private Bucket : 0x7d5551C6dBB6242600769e8F09e246e397dEb1aC

Foundation Bucket : 0x2C46fD3CE0dcc41FE899690Da97982C908d0b0C7

Adviser Bucket : 0xfe8DC2aCAca962d8793c628aff49b4624b1A9C5e

Gnosis-Safe Wallet : 0xA95820451A61e35Ae51902a21273C5B099b48ECd

Below are the txhash of Ownership transfer transactions from OPCH contract and its distribution buckets to Gnosis-Safe Wallet on Ethereum chain.

1. OPCH token Contract : 0xc110612efa6e3e1da2cc22878e16dd604498e21866ed14849d2a6f53efd6b2b3

2. Marketing Bucket:

3. Team Bucket:


4. Strategic Bucket:

5. Community Bucket:

6. Liquidity Bucket:

7. Private Bucket:

8. Foundation Bucket:

9. Adviser Bucket:

Gnosis Safe is the most trusted and viable platform to manage such digital assets with their state-of-the-art multi-signature feature for DAOs and teams.

A pre-defined number of signatures are required to confirm transactions to be executed within the safe which helps prevent unauthorized access to company crypto assets and smart contracts.

In our case 2 out of 3 signatures are required to carry owner specific transactions which mitigates the owner centralization risk and helps to keep Opticash smart contract decentralized and safe.

Owner/Co-Signer Details

1. 0xc3020e773b8d0e2b777e44af32f818150d8d91c3

2. 0x2fe0fDBF2e0DaaaFb72db494aAa4b02Af01446e4

3. 0x775Ca301d35A5E27C234C261E9343b0c8c876438

All above addresses are added via below transaction hash:


The first 2 addresses belongs to Opticash core team members, while the third signer belongs to Christopher Levi Goldmann who is a titan of the finance industry, with a reputation for unparalleled strategic vision and a track record of transformative success. As an investor in Opticash, he has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to identifying the most promising opportunities in the market and backing them with bold and decisive action.

This is done to keep the project secured and decentralized.




Opticash is a web app that allows users to send fast payments worldwide using blockchain technology.